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Jesus. They had one job! Also is the green different..?

It’s kind of a shiny paper, I don’t think my phone captured it well, haha.

I did email Playbill yesterday asking how I should rectify the situation, and they replied and told me to keep this one, and that they’d send me the 10th when it comes out later this month. :)

So if anyone else did happen to have the same issue, never fear.

CONGRATULOTIONS to Wicked the Musical today on its 10th Broadway Anniversary. <3

31 shows, four cities, three different states. Countless witches and wizards with friends and family. I think it’s safe to say this musical has changed me… “for good.” ;)

Here’s to ten more! *drinks from little green bottle*

How has Wicked changed your life?

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Happy New Year! xx

Hey guys, sorry about the Willemijn post; I found it on a source that wasn’t tumblr and had no idea it was someone’s edit. As soon as I get the link to the original I’ll be reblogging it from there!

I’m a stickler for proper credit— I don’t know if y’all have noticed, but every single thing on here that isn’t an official proshot is either reblogged or has a link to its source— so I’m very sorry! If you guys ever notice things that are improperly credited, always feel free to let me know by dropping me an ask because I don’t check the notes on here, lol.

WICKED T-Shirt Contest Controversy!

Hi guys! We have some thrillifying news as well as a discussion topic!

The T-shirt design that was made from stolen artwork has been taken out of the contest! Thank you all for helping to report it and get justice for the artist. :)

☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆

(Also missing is the one that was entitled “Glinda It’s Good to See Me”— do any of you happen to know why?)

Interestingly, it has been brought to our attention that many of the entires didn’t follow the rules specified in the contest folder. The rules, enclosed as a PDF within the downloaded folder also containing the T-shirt templates, are as follows:

1.) Limit one design submission per entrant.

2.) Select a tee template in the color you would like to use.

3.) Create a design using a MAXIMUM of 8 colors.

3.) Keep the design off the t-shirt’s seams.

4.) The design must be your own original unpublished work. Outside of Wicked materials provided on this Website, your design must not contain any other person’s or company’s logos, trademarks, or copyrighted material.

5.) You must save the design as a PDF/JPEG/PNG no larger than 80K before uploading your entry on this site.

6.) If your design is designated a winner and chosen for production, you will be asked to provide the original copies of your artwork. Original artwork can be submitted as a hand drawing, raster, or vector file. If using a raster program please make sure the actual size of the art is at least 300dpi.

Many of the designs fail in at least one category; they either used more than eight colors, didn’t use the T-shirt template, or crossed over more than one of the T-shirt’s seams. (Of course, one also didn’t follow #4, but that one has been dismissed.)

When asked about why the rule-breakers were able to win the contest, this response was received:

As you have noted, we received some designs that did not conform to the design rules, including designs that used more than 8 colors and designs that did not remain within the garment seams. We have, in our sole discretion and as permitted by the Official Rules, elected to allow the non-conforming design to be considered as finalists, so that the most exciting T shirt concepts could be presented to Wicked fans for a vote. 

The question we pose to you, then, is… Is this fair?

Should rule-breakers be rewarded, regardless of how “exciting” their design is? I’m sure many people could’ve made their designs a lot more “exciting” had they also broken the rules, but they did not, and now they are paying the price.

Obviously, the sixteen fourteen finalists will think this is a fair choice, and it certainly is within WICKED’s discretion to choose whatever they want, but… is it fair to the thousands of other people who entered the contest and followed the rules? We at FY!WICKED don’t think so.

We WICKED fans know all too well how it is to be treated unfairly for whatever reason; that’s the message that is at the heart of the show and it’s one of the main reasons it touches us all so deeply. Therefore…

We’re asking our fellow Ozians to keep the rules in mind when voting for a T-shirt design! Please vote for one of the few that actually followed the rules out of respect for the designer!

Thank you all!

Hi guys!

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Hi guys!

Just gave the layout an overhaul! Hope you like it. It hadn’t been changed since May 1, 2009!!

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