Idina & Taye - Samsung’s 2013 Hope for Children Campaign Thank You for A BroaderWay

Idina & Taye perform a re-imagined rendition of “I’m Not That Girl” and thank Angie Arredondo for her support and participation in Samsung’s 2013 Hope for Children campaign. As a result of her - and everyone’s - votes, Idina & Taye’s youth arts charity, A BroaderWay, will receive a donation from Samsung!

Track Title: I'm Not That Girl - Single

Artist: Eden Espinosa


Eden Espinosa’s new single - “I’m Not That Girl”

Support her and buy her album when it comes out :)

Her whole album will be available on December 18th!

Like her take on the song? Here’s what she had to say about it…

"…I came to terms with the fact that I am a Broadway performer, and I interpret other people’s music for a living… so why not do that on my album? Why not put my own stamp on songs from amazing composers from this amazing community that I love? And so that’s what we’ve done. We’ve taken some modern Broadway songs and taken them out of the context of the show, as if they were stand-alone songs that you might hear on the radio. And the reason why I’m so in love with this idea is that it gives Broadway fans a new perspective on songs that they know and love and are very familiar with. And it also can bring in people who may or may not be fans of the Broadway sound… so they’ll hear like a pop-sounding song and then realize, ‘Oh, this is a song from a musical? Let me check out that musical!' So I'm really, really passionate about where this project is going and I'm just really, really excited to have you all hear it and to be on board.” [x]

More info available here!